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    5 Years! | Anniversary Pictures + Goodbye Utah


    I cannot tell you how long I planned this! No, like it would actually be embarrassing to admit how long.

    As a photographer myself, getting our own pictures taken is the most exciting thing in the world! We have gone f i v e years taking our own pictures with tripods or handing the camera over to a friend. You can get a pretty good 'smiling at the camera' portrait like that (sometimes requiring running to check the back of the camera ten times, but eventually you get a good one in focus). I really wanted our anniversary pictures to be an experience in front of the camera that was just about being together. It is SUPER awkward to get a romantic picture with a self-timer - absolutely disingenuous and just brings back memories like "Remember how frustrating it was to try to get this 'romantic' picture?" So when we shot with Sami Jo last month, we focused on just sweet, happy, romantic moments! It was everything I wanted and more!! Plus, we got pictures with the majestic Utah scenery just before leaving for good.

    Here's five things about us, in honor of five years (which was a few months ago I KNOW):

    1. We have NO personality traits in common when we take the Myers-Briggs personality test. Not a single letter overlaps. We are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum and I like to go read Jason's personality type flaws (ENTJ) out loud to him from time to time and also read out loud the advantages of mine (ISFP). You know, so he can understand.

    2. I am ever so slowly bringing Jason into my world of movie quoting. Every time I quote a movie in every day conversation, I have to quiz him, "What movie was that from?!" He almost always gets it wrong because he always guesses the Sound of Music.

    3. We have travelled a ton together, but only stateside really. Neither of us are very passionate about international travel. When Jason went to Vancouver for a food science event, he called me from the hotel and said "I don't know how to buy food here...." (different currency, using credit cards internationally, we know nothing!!) My favorite place we've been together was absolutely, 100%, no doubt the Redwoods.

    4. I have proofread and edited every Instagram post he has ever made. He talks me down before lashing out in revenge against those who deserve it (Utah drivers, married student housing management, etc etc). He's the talker, I'm the writer.

    5. Pushing each other out of our comfort zones - Jason was able to convince me to try shooting a gun for the first time ever, but he will never, ever, ever be able to convince me to go to a Korean bath house. Because - public nudity and language barriers combined make me very nervous. I was able to convince Jason to go to a Tim McGraw concert but remain unable to convince him to try CupBop. SIGH.

    Sami Jo Photography | Kait Parkinson MUA | Sheer Rose Floral



    As we pulled onto the Route 101 the first morning we arrived, I turned to Jason and said "I know it might be a little premature to say this - but I think this is my favorite trip ever."

    The grandeur of the scenery was UNBELIEVABLE. I really cannot articulate anything well beyond that. Like I keep rewriting different things here and it just ends up being a giant descriptive list of all the things that were beautiful. Which is everything - EVERYTHING was beautiful.

    Visiting the Redwoods and the coastline was amazing in December. The forests were completely quiet and felt void of time or human touch. Everything is still green through the winter and there were even fall colors happening. The temperatures were around 40-50 F which is actually perfect for hiking. You get warmed up from walking, but never too warm. Some of the state parks have tiny little parking lots and very narrow roads - navigating around summer tourism sounds not as fun at all! Though I will say, we didn't love that that it was dark by 5 PM. So much to see! So much to do! But it's dark now, so..

    These images below are a scattering from Humboldt State Park in California, Jedidiah Smith State Park & Redwoods National Park in California, and Samuel H Boardman State Park in Oregon. We had one drizzly day, one pouring day, and one sunny day. It was perfect (despite many unperfect things also happening!) and I would absolutely go back! Like today!